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We invite you to explore our service offerings which will explain our approach and methodology in further detail.

  • Contingency Based Services

    Contingency based services. Never pay for efforts. Only pay for results.

    Daniels, Newman & Armstrong takes great pride in providing you with results on a contingency basis. This means you never pay for efforts. You only pay for results. Our contingency based success fees are reasonable and competitive. But basing your decision solely on pricing points can present dire consequences. Would you shop for a brain surgeon based on cost alone? As with many things in life and in business, you get what you pay for. And we spare no expense when it comes to collecting your past due accounts, hence the reason why our liquidations are amongst the highest in our industry. Keep in mind, when choosing a provider of professional services, results, service, and integrity are more important than cost.

    When it comes to collection rates, there are a few factors that must be taken into consideration when placing delinquent accounts. How old are your past due accounts? What is the total dollar amount owed? How many accounts are being placed for collection? Are your debts domestic or international? Contact one of our qualified representatives today to assess your needs relative to cost-effective debt collection.

  • International Services

    International Services

    Daniels, Newman & Armstrong is well-known for our superior collection results worldwide. Our firm has access to a vast network of attorneys globally in over 100 countries, affording us the opportunity to offer your company international accounts receivable solutions. Prior to legal recommendation, our firm attempts to collect on a contingency basis so you don’t have to pay up-front fees, which often times can be in the thousands of dollars. International claims do not lend themselves well to resolution through domestic Courts of Law. Laws differ significantly from country to country and for this reason debt recovery by relying principally on lawsuits alone is difficult at best.

    Understanding international trade protocol is part of our arsenal when demanding payment from debtors who are seemingly untouchable due to geographical or linguistic barriers. We have resources available to enlist the services of translation specialists if and when needed. This by itself plays a huge factor in immediate and effective resolution to any receivable problem regardless of where your debtor is located.

    Not only may international claims present a financial issue, there are political factors that come into play as well. Working in tandem with various foreign Embassies around the world, DNA takes appropriate measures to file international trade complaints which may in turn sanction or impede business dealings for the company owing you money. Our team of international debt collection experts understands regional conditions and industry trends. As a result, we provide you with cost-effective results that are unmatched within the international commercial collection arena.

    Contact DNA today so that we may begin to transform your complex international collection receivables into bankable dollars for your company.

  • Extended Services

    Collection Approaches – Audit, Medium, Aggressive

    Our collection approaches vary based on what your specific needs are.  Debt collection begins with professional courtesy, the right amount of tact and empathy, along with applying pressure to ensure your delinquent receivables are recovered quickly.  The misconception that debt collection requires cement boots to get paid is addressed by using the correct strategy to meet your needs.  Our seasoned recovery professionals understand that your good name and integrity must be preserved throughout the entire collection process.  By offering you options to select which collection approach fits your business model, we will treat individual situations on a case by case basis.

    1. Audit – Encourages the customer to return to the client after the account is resolved.

    2. Audit/Problem – Slightly firmer approach which still maintains the bond between our client and customer.  Quickly identifies disputes and separates customers from debtors.

    3. Straightforward – Long-standing customer who has been identified as a debtor receives full collection effort with emphasis on the seriousness of debt.

    4. Aggressive – Identified debtor with whom client does not want the relationship restored and receives full investigative collection efforts.

    Business Activity Scans – A free service our firm offers that quickly identifies whether or not a business has already been placed for collections.  DNA lets you know when you have an issue before it becomes a problem.

    Asset & Liability Investigation – More than just letters and calls. Information uncovered about the debtor company as a result of our Asset & Liability investigation may include:  bank and supplier relationships, other debtor company creditors, pendant contracts with private or government entities, actual operating results, financial statements, liens, judgments and additional data citing financial strengths and weaknesses.  Some or all of this information may ultimately prove to be the necessary component which leads to successful recovery of your unpaid debt.

    Dispute Handling – DNA focuses on resolving any disputes and achieving full liquidation.  We will qualify the nature of the dispute, collect undisputed portions and try to obtain proof of the debt so we may continue collection activity.  Many times debtors will cite cash flow problems as their reason for non-payment.  Sometimes these claims are legitimate but quite frequently they are unsupportable.  Our collection specialists are trained in a variety of methods to accurately and quickly determine the validity of such situations.  If a debtor company is still in business but no longer purchasing goods or services from our client, the debtor company is undoubtedly purchasing the goods and services from another supplier.

    Credit Bureau Reporting – Accounts placed for collection can automatically be reported to the commercial division of Experian, a foremost leader in commercial credit reporting.  We leverage this tool to urge customers to remit full payment.  This information is listed with liens and judgments, as “Significant Derogatory Data”.

    Experian Commercial Credit Reports – Not only does DNA report delinquent receivables to the commercial credit bureau for non-payment, our affiliate agreement with Experian allows you to purchase credit reports prior to doing business with new or existing customers.  Simply click the link to Experian credit services located on our website and you can select which options are best suited for your credit inquiry needs.

    Licensed Private and Civil Investigators – For larger balance accounts, DNA may utilize licensed private or civil investigators to assist in developing a financial profile on the customer’s company, which assists our collection team in making the proper determination on how to best protect your interests.  This value-added service includes on-site visits where investigators will gather important information about the debtor company.  Assets and inventory are photographed and documented should the matter need to be escalated to litigation.  The private investigation addresses the debtor situation with a more aggressive approach whereas the civil investigator is a more discreet yet effective face to face visit with the responsible party.

  • Legal Forwarding

    DNA Legal Forwarding

    Daniels, Newman & Armstrong provides our clients with comprehensive legal support through our national network of qualified collection attorneys.  As a proud affiliate of The American Lawyers Quarterly and The Commercial Bar, our firm can offer legal remedies within the appropriate jurisdiction should suit action be required.  More often than not, our team will successfully collect on your behalf without the need for local counsel.  Less than five percent of all claims referred to our firm actually end up having to proceed with litigation.  However, on the rare occasion that a local attorney is required, DNA will offer you a professional and straightforward assessment of the situation and help you decide if legal action is in your company’s best interest.  Litigation can become costly for both Plaintiff and Defendant.  We recognize that some past due accounts may qualify for legal recommendation while others may not be suit worthy.  We are here to protect and preserve your financial interests and certain criteria must be met to even consider legal forwarding.